Alabama Workforce Solutions

Gadsden State Skills Training Division and ATN-Gadsden arrange a wide variety of appropriate educational experiences for individuals as well as employees of area business and industrial firms. Through a cooperative network of business and education, Gadsden State Skills Training Division and ATN-Gadsden work together as Alabama Workforce Solutions to identify needs of the community and existing industry and deliver technical assistance, technology solutions and customized training. Upon request, customized training is available and may be provided on-site. For additional information, visit or call one of the following offices: Skills Training Center, Gadsden East Broad Campus, 256.549.8640; ATN-Gadsden in The Bevill Center, East Broad Campus, 256.549.8160; or the Business Office of the Administration Building, Ayers Campus, 256.832.1201.

Those receiving training through Alabama Workforce Solutions are not eligible for federal student aid.