Admissions Appeals Policy

A student who has been suspended may appeal for re-admission without contesting the facts leading to the suspension, as follows:

First, the student must submit to the Student Affairs Committee a written request to be considered for re-admission within a designated time period after notification of the suspension. Second, he/she should present a rationale and/or a written statement of mitigating circumstances in support of the petition for immediate re-admission. The Student Affairs Committee meeting is not a due process hearing but rather a petition for re-admission to the college.  Third, the Student Affairs Committee’s decision, together with the materials that are presented, shall be placed in the student’s official record along with the committee’s written decision.  Finally, the student shall be notified of the committee’s decision directly after the committee meeting. The committee will strive to reach its decision with special attention to equity, reasonableness, and consistency.

If a student is placed on ACADEMIC PROBATION, ONE TERM ACADEMIC SUSPENSION, OR ONE CALENDAR YEAR ACADEMIC SUSPENSION, Gadsden State officials may institute intervention measures for student success, including, but not limited to, restricting the course load, requiring the student to enroll in a study skills course, and/or prescribing other specific courses responsive to the individual's needs.

Readmission upon appeal does not guarantee financial aid eligibility.  Refer to the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress for more information.