Adult Education Services

Adult Education Services are offered at no cost to qualified students through Adult Education classes in Calhoun, Cherokee, Cleburne and Etowah counties.  Adult Education classes serve the educational needs of those who are at least 17 years old, have no high school diploma or test at or below 12.9-grade level, and are not currently enrolled in public school.  In addition to Adult Education classes, English Language Acquisition, college preparation and workplace education are offered through this program. Classes are provided at no cost to the students. 

Adult Education instruction is offered online to those who qualify. The program’s main objectives are to motivate students to complete high school and advance into postsecondary education and/or gainful employment.  Advantages for students’ enrolling in Adult Education classes:

  1. Personal pride in educational accomplishment
  2. Free WorkKeys exam – National Career Readiness Certification
  3. Digital Literacy Certification
  4. Financial Literacy Certification
  5. Employability skills
  6. Participation in the Fall or Spring Adult Education graduation
  7. Opportunities for scholarships to Gadsden State
  8. Free tuition for one college-level course at any two-year college in the state of Alabama

Mobilizing Alabama Pathways (MAP), also offered through Adult Education, is designed to help Adult Education students obtain both their high school equivalency (GED or non-traditional high school diploma) and employment through linking academic preparation classes with occupational training.  Once students obtain their high school equivalency and occupational training, they receive assistance with resume preparation and job interview skills to aid them in their search for employment.  All training programs approved through the Workforce Investment Opportunities Act (WIOA) are offered through the MAP program.

Alabama Career Essentials (ACE) classes are offered throughout the year as open-enrollment.  ACE provides a career pathway for individuals with limited education and employment experience.  ACE's workplace environment provides trainees the entry-level skills required for employment with most businesses and industries in Alabama.  Training is provided at no cost to the students. 

Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) 

Certified Production Technician (CPT): Gadsden State Community College's Adult Education Services hosts a program that leads to a certification through the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council.  MSSC is the nation's leading industry-led training, assessment and certification organization focused on the core technical competencies needed by the nation's frontline production and material handling workers.  The class will lead participants to being a Certified Production Technician. 

The CPT certification recognizes those who demonstrate mastery of the foundational, core competencies of advanced manufacturing production at the entry-level to front-line supervisor through successful completion of the assessments. The goal is to raise the level of performance of production technicians to help employers ensure their workforce increases the company's productivity and competitiveness.  

The Certified Production Technician (CPT) takes approximately 12 weeks to complete the program and gives students a full Certified Production Technician (CPT) certificate.  

CLA/CLT: MSSC has two optional courses, which combine interactive, online training with instructor-led material to help individuals learn the basic skills and knowledge required for material handling jobs that will prepare them for certification and their career. The Certified Logistics Associate (CLA) and Certified Logistics Technician (CLT) takes approximately three weeks to complete. 

For more information on Adult Education classes, contact the Gadsden office at 256.439.6957 or the Anniston area office at 256.832.1206.

Adult Education students are not eligible for federal financial aid.