Advising and Retention Center

The Advising and Retention Center (ARC) assists students with the academic and personal challenges they often face. The primary focus of the center is on the support of and advocacy for students in developmental courses and those identified as “at-risk.”  The center also works collaboratively to provide student workshops, faculty advisor training, college and university transfer assistance, and other services that promote student success. The center staff may assist students through referrals to outside agencies for personal needs. 

The ARC serves as a resource for faculty advisors and provides information for persons seeking guidance about majors, college and university transfer information, and transfer scholarships. Computers are available for online research related to major exploration, careers, and college transfer.  Services are available to all students.  Offices are located in the One Stop Center on the East Broad Campus, in the Administration Building on the Ayers Campus and at the Gadsden State Cherokee Center. Students may call 256.549.8307 or email for additional information.