Alabama GI Dependents’ Scholarship Program

Although not administered by the Gadsden State Financial Aid Office, the Alabama GI Dependents' Scholarship Program is another possible source of financial assistance for eligible students. This program is administered by the Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs for the benefit of an eligible dependent – a child, a stepchild, a spouse, or an un-remarried widow(er) – of a veteran (living or deceased) with a 40% or greater VA disability who was a permanent civilian resident of Alabama for at least one year immediately prior to entry into military service and is now a current resident. Special consideration is given to dependents of permanently and totally disabled veterans who are bona fide residents or who were bona fide residents prior to their death. Other categories are dependents of former prisoners of war (POW), dependents of veterans declared missing in action (MIA), and dependents of those who died in service.

Students must have a current completed FAFSA on file.  After all grants and scholarships are applied, then ALGI benefits may be used for remaining expenses (minus facility fee, ACCS enhancement fee and special building fee) at the in-state tuition rate and required textbooks, up to the Department of Defense (DOD) cap. NOTICE: Remedial courses are not funded under the Alabama GI Dependents' Scholarship Program.

Dependent children must file an application prior to age 26 (to age 30 in certain cases). A spouse or widow(er) does not have a filing deadline or age limitation.

For more information and application procedures, students or prospective students should contact the nearest Veterans Affairs Office, located in each Alabama county courthouse, or write to Alabama GI Dependents’ Scholarship Program, P. O. Box 1509, Montgomery, AL 36102-1509 or visit the Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs website.