Alabama Transfers (formerly known as STARS)

Because GSCC is in partnership with the Statewide Transfer and Articulation Reporting System, students are assured that credit earned for Gadsden State courses identified as part of the core curriculum will transfer to any Alabama two- or four-year public institution of higher education.

The Alabama Articulation Program, Alabama Transfers, is Alabama's web-accessible articulation and transfer planning database, which has been designed to inform students who attend Alabama community colleges about degree requirements, course equivalents, and other transfer information pertaining to specific majors at each state-funded four-year institution. As the information link between Alabama’s public two-year and four-year institutions, Alabama Transfers efficiently and effectively provides students, counselors, and educators with accurate information upon which transfer decisions can be made.  The system, if used properly, can prevent the loss of course credit hours, provide direction for the scheduling of coursework, and ease the student’s transition from one institution to another.

This information is available to the public via the Internet. A variety of information, including an AGSC-approved transfer guide, may be obtained from the articulation website: