Alcohol and Drugs Policy

The possession, use, manufacture, sale, or distribution of any controlled substance or drug paraphernalia as defined by federal or Alabama law is prohibited on Gadsden State property. College property includes buildings, grounds, roads, parking lots, and residence hall facilities and rooms.

Commission of any of the following acts relating to possession or use of any controlled substance(s) and/or alcoholic beverage(s) is prohibited: (1) possession or consumption of any controlled substance or alcoholic beverage anywhere on Gadsden State property, including Fowler Hall; (2) public intoxication on Gadsden State property, including Fowler Hall; and (3) driving on Gadsden State property while under the influence of any controlled substance or alcohol.

The College reserves the right to notify local law enforcement officers if College officials have reason to believe that the Gadsden State policies and/or State and Local laws concerning alcohol and drugs are being violated.

In addition, any student who desires to participate in intercollegiate athletics at the College will be required to submit to random individual and/or random team drug testing, which will be a urinalysis for amphetamines, cocaine, THC, opiates, and PCP.

Any and all information regarding or relating to violations of the College policy on alcohol and drugs will be surrendered to the proper authorities for investigation and use as they see fit. GSCC is committed to being and remaining a drug-free campus and will fully cooperate with law enforcement authorities against any and all offenders under this policy.