Attendance Policy

Class Attendance

Class attendance is considered essential to the educational process and is integral to academic success. Students are expected to attend all classes for which they are registered. Absences disrupt a student’s academic progress, contribute to poor academic performance, and significantly diminish the quality of group interaction in class. Students are expected to attend class on time and are expected to remain in class for the duration of the published class time. Faculty are required to verify attendance on a specified day to capture census reporting data as required to comply with federal financial aid regulations. Students that have not attended class by the census reporting date may be reported as a no show and removed from the course.  

Student Absences

Recognizing that situations may arise to prevent a student from attending a class, the College may accommodate absences but recommends that students with excessive absences submit a withdrawal request according to the Withdrawal Procedures described in the College Student Catalog and Handbook. Instructors may advise any student with excessive absences to withdraw from the course involved to protect the academic standing of the student. It is the student’s responsibility to monitor absences and to comply with the instructor’s syllabus concerning make-up work.

Students enrolled in internet and/or hybrid courses become responsible for course materials and assignments posted in Blackboard on the official first day of class. Attendance in internet courses is based on documentable participation in class activities which include but are not limited to interaction with the instructor, interaction with enrolled students, attendance for required on-campus meetings and/or submitting course assignments.

Absences for Approved College Activities

Absences for students participating in approved official College activities are considered official school business and are thereby excluded from and are not affected by the attendance policy. Faculty must receive written notification prior to absences concerning the class days to be missed from the activity director/coach/sponsor. This notification will meet the following guidelines:

1. Notification must be given to the instructor prior to the absence(s); and

2. Notification must state the time frame of the activity including, specifically, the time for which the student must leave for the activity and when the student will return to campus.

Students engaged in approved College activities are to be excused no more than 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the activity or 30 minutes prior to the latest time at which they must leave campus in order to arrive safely at their destination. It is the responsibility of each student engaged in approved College activities to make arrangements to complete any missed assignments, exams, etc., at a time convenient for the instructor. To the degree possible, students should schedule classes on days and at times which will not be affected by participation in official College activities so as to minimize their absences. A student participating in approved College activities should make every effort to arrange class responsibilities such as oral reports, speeches, recitals, group presentations, demonstrations, etc., around the schedule of College-approved activities so that no hardship is placed on other class members or the instructor. Instructors are not required to “reteach” classes for students who miss class for approved College activities.

Since most official College activities are scheduled months ahead of time, the activity director/coach/sponsor may notify instructors at the beginning of the semester of all absences as long as the notification meets the guidelines above.

Make-Up Work

Make-up work may be provided at the discretion and convenience of the instructor. Possible acceptable, documented excused absences include accidents, court appearances, illness of the student or an immediate family member or the death of an immediate family member. Instructors are not obligated to provide make-up work for pop quizzes or other in-class daily assignments. Make-up work will be provided for class work missed when the student is participating as a representative of the College in a College-sponsored activity. Reasonable accommodation, meeting federal and state guidelines, will be granted to students who are called to military service (appropriate documentation is required).

Appeals Process

If a student disagrees with the assignment of an unexcused absence, a tardy or denial of permission to make up missed work, an appeal may be made to the appropriate instructional dean or their designee. The appeal must be submitted within one week of the incident. The Dean’s decision is final.