Salon and Spa Management - Cosmetology Certificate


Advisors – Ayers Campus: J. Tracy Bonner, Cosmetology Building (256.832.1231) jbonner@gadsdenstate.edu
East Broad Campus: Zora Garner, Cosmetology Building (256.549.8690) zgarner@gadsdenstate.edu

NOTICE(s):  For the certificate in Salon and Spa Management Cosmetology Technology, the student must complete all of the 49 credit hours listed above– 36 in technical courses and 13 in general education courses – all of which must be approved by the advisor. Required courses may vary to provide options and to meet student needs. The courses are listed above. Admission Requirements: High School Diploma or GED.

The courses in this program of study may not be offered every semester.  It is important to consult with your advisor to determine course schedules to stay on track to graduate.

If a student does not receive his or her license within two years after certification of completion of training, the Alabama State Board of Cosmetology and Barbering may require the student complete additional hours of training before applying or reapplying for licensure. 


Total Credits