Course Work Expiration Policy

Most general education courses do not have an expiration date; examples of those courses at Gadsden State would include written and oral communication, humanities, social science, fine arts, most business courses, and government and public policy courses.

Specific course work for programs leading to certificates or degrees in technical or health science programs must be aligned with course content and standards. Some older courses are not aligned with current standards and may not be appropriate to count in a student's program. Students who completed certain technical or science courses more than five years preceding the completion of the program may be required to repeat the course or demonstrate proficiency related to current course content.

Decisions about older courses proposed to satisfy certificate or degree requirements will be made on a case-by-case basis by the division chair. A student may appeal the decision to the appropriate instructional dean. The dean's decision is final.

When there are changes in certification requirements, students seeking certification may be required to modify their programs of study to meet the new requirements.