Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment students are high school students who have completed at least the ninth grade and who have been approved to enroll for dual credit (college and high school) in Gadsden State courses while they are still attending high school. Students enroll in college courses concurrently with high school classes. College courses may be taken, to earn both college and high school credit simultaneously, at one of Gadsden State’s campuses, online or at the student’s high school (where available). Eligible students may enroll in the during the Summer, Fall or Spring terms in any Gadsden State course deemed acceptable by the student’s high school, including both general education courses and career technical courses.

Dual Enrollment students are responsible for the cost of all tuition, fees, books, materials/supplies. Students interested in certain high-wage high-demand career technical, STEM, health science or academic programs may qualify for the Dual Enrollment Scholarship. The scholarship is funded by the Career Technical Dual Enrollment Grant through the Alabama Community College System and may cover tuition, books, materials/supplies. Click here for a current list of scholarship-eligible programs. For more information email dualenrollment@gadsdenstate.edu or phone 256-549-8305.  Dual enrollment students are not eligible for federal student aid.