Email as Official Communication for Students Policy

The Gadsden State Community College (GSCC) email system is deemed the official method of communication whereby students are notified of College-related matters: cancelled/dropped classes, admission status, financial matters, announcements, and general information exchange.  Official College communications demand attention, and often a timely response. Students are responsible for the consequences of not reading, acting upon, and/or responding to official college-related communications sent to their GSCC student email address.   

Faculty members may require the use of email, Blackboard, the My Gadsden State Portal or other forms of electronic communication for course content delivery, class discussion, or synchronous chat. It is recommended that faculty specify these requirements in their course syllabus. Faculty may expect that students access and read notices sent to their official GSCC student email address.  

Students who forward their GSCC email to another email address (e.g., do so at their own risk. GSCC cannot ensure the delivery of its official communications by external service providers. Forwarding email does not relieve the receiver from the responsibilities associated with electronic communications sent to the GSCC email address.  

Students are expected to check email frequently. It is recommended that email be checked daily, but at a minimum, twice per week. Regular email management will also minimize the risk that the inbox will be full, causing the email to be returned to the sender with an error. Undeliverable messages returned due to either a full inbox or use of a "spam" filter will be considered delivered without further action required of the College.  

Faculty, staff, and student-sponsored organizations must request approval of the Director of Public Relations to have batched student messages sent through the GSCC student email system. Only meaningful and relevant information will be allowed.‚Äč