General Education

General Education is that portion of the collegiate experience which addresses the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values characteristic of an educated person. It is unbounded by disciplines and honors the connections among bodies of knowledge. A student who completes a Gadsden State educational program consisting of a long certificate or associate degree is expected to meet these competencies at the level appropriate to the credential. A student who completes a Gadsden State educational program consisting of a certificate is expected to meet General Education Core Competencies so they can communicate, both orally and in writing, perform basic computational skills, and use technology. The ultimate goal of the General Education Core Competencies is to produce associate degree graduates who are articulate, reflective, creative, intellectually flexible, and prepared for continuous learning. The College’s General Education Core Competencies are:

  1. Effective communication in academic, work, and community settings occurs when the intended message is successfully delivered, received and understood between two or more persons.
  2. A competent critical thinker evaluates evidence carefully and applies reasoning to decide what to believe and how to act.
  3. Mathematical reasoning and the use of quantitative/mathematical tools are used to successfully solve problems occurring in daily life.

The degree and long certificate programs at the College support this collegiate initiative which focuses on the above narrative and attendant elements.