Grade Appeal Policy


General Policies Regarding Grade Appeals

  • Appeals are accepted only when a student believes the instructor did not assign the grade correctly based on syllabus guidelines.
  • The student may appeal only the final grade in a class.
  • Health Science students may not appeal a clinical failure.
  • Grades received during the semester should be discussed with the instructor and may not be formally appealed during the semester.
  • Questions about grades should be handled informally if possible. If informal conversations between the instructor and student do not resolve an issue, a formal grade appeal may be filed.
  • The burden of proof is on the student in a grade appeal.
  • To initiate the formal appeal process, a student must file the Grade Appeal Form within ten (10) days after the first class day of the next academic term.
  • The student will initiate the formal appeal by following the procedure outlined below.
  • A student who receives a failing grade because he/she was unaware of the procedure or deadline for withdrawing from a course does not have the right to appeal the grade.
  • If a grade is changed as a result of a grade appeal, the instructor must submit an official grade change form.

Grade Appeal Steps

Step 1: If no resolution can be agreed upon after the student has spoken with the course instructor, the student can initiate a grade appeal by submitting a Grade Appeal Form to the division chair/program director. This form will allow the student to explain why he or she believes the grading procedures outlined in the class syllabus were not appropriately followed. The student must attach all relevant evidence to the form. The form must be submitted to the appropriate division chair/program director within ten (10) business days of the beginning of the following semester.

Step 2: The division chair/program director will share the completed form and evidence with the instructor who will be required to prepare a written response. The response will be submitted to the division chair/program director. The division chair/program director will review the Grade Appeal form, the instructor’s written response, and all relevant evidence from the student and the instructor and provide a response to the student by Gadsden State email within ten (10) business days.

Step 3: If the issue is not resolved by the division chair/program director’s response, the student must within ten (10) business days submit a written request for further review to the instructional dean who will review the written request, Grade Appeal Form, and all relevant evidence from the student, instructor, and division chair/program director. The instructional dean will provide the student a response by Gadsden State email within ten (10) business days. The dean’s written response is final and cannot be appealed.