Harassment and Discrimination Policy

The College is committed to providing both employment and educational environments free of harassment or discrimination related to an individual's race, color, gender, religion, national origin, age, or disability. Any practice or behavior that constitutes harassment or discrimination shall not be tolerated on any campus or site or in any division or department by any employee, student, agent, or non-employee on college property and while engaged in any College-sponsored activities. It is within this commitment of providing a harassment-free environment and in keeping with the efforts to establish an employment and educational environment in which the dignity and worth of members of the College community are respected, that harassment of students and employees is unacceptable conduct and shall not be tolerated at the College.

A nondiscriminatory environment is essential to the mission of the College. A sexually abusive environment inhibits, if not prevents, the harassed individual from performing responsibilities as student or employee. It is essential that the College maintains an environment that affords equal protection against discrimination, including sexual harassment. Employees and students who are found in violation of this policy shall be disciplined as appropriate to the severity of the offense. Employees and students of the College shall strive to promote a college environment that fosters personal integrity where the worth and dignity of each human being is realized, where democratic principles are promoted, and where efforts are made to assist colleagues and students to realize their full potential as worthy and effective members of society. Administrators, professional staff, faculty, and support staff shall adhere to the highest ethical standards to ensure a professional environment and to guarantee equal educational opportunities for all students.

See Appendix D for the complete policy.