Honors Scholars Program

The Honors Scholars Program is for high-achieving students who seek a more intellectually challenging and creative college experience. Students must apply to and be admitted to the Honors Scholars Program by completing an Honors Scholars Application. (To be considered for a scholarship, a student should also complete the Scholarship Application.) For more information contact the Honors Scholars Program at 256.549.8256.


Applicants will be accepted into the program based on high school or lifelong achievement, test scores, and community or school activities and leadership. The following test scores will be used as benchmarks for admissions, but students may be admitted based on other exceptional achievement or service:

1.     A high school ranking in the top 15% of the graduating class;

2.     A grade point average of 3.50 or above;

3.     A score of 1200 or above on the SAT (math & verbal) or a composite score of 24 or above on the ACT.

Other Students

1.     High school graduates who did not rank in the top 15% of their respective high school classes OR

2.     High school graduates from non-accredited high schools OR

3.     Students who completed a G.E.D. OR

4.     Students who are returning to school after an extended period are eligible to apply for the HONORS SCHOLARSHIP if they have scored exceptionally high on the Placement Test.

Honors Students

1.    Will take a minimum of three (3) “H” designation courses, including at least one HONORS SEMINAR (HUM 298);

2.     Will attend the HONORS ORIENTATION before starting the freshman year; and

3.     Will be expected to attend a minimum of two HONORS EVENTS during each academic year, including lectures, concerts, and other designated events.


1.     Gadsden State Scholarships - A maximum of 20 continuing Gadsden State scholarships will be awarded annually to students who will be designated as HONORS SCHOLARS.

2.     Diploma Designations - Students who fulfill the requirements will be designated as “HONORS SCHOLAR” on the graduation diploma. 

3.     Personal Mentoring and Advisement - HONORS SCHOLARS will be paired with special faculty mentors. Mentors will be Gadsden State faculty or administrators, and pairings will reflect a student’s interests and goals. The mentors will serve as special advisors for student schedules, academic mentorship, professional mentorship, internships, etc.

4.     Commencement Regalia - HONORS SCHOLARS will be presented with special commencement regalia to wear during graduation exercises.