Identification and Library Card

Students are required to have an official Gadsden State Community College student identification card, commonly referred to as ID (more commonly referred to as your "student ID").  Your student ID also serves as a library card for any of Gadsden State's libraries.  You should have your student ID made within the first two weeks of classes of your first semester.  With the exception of a lost/stolen ID or specific college programs requiring specialized student ID's, you may use your initial student ID for the duration of your time as a student at Gadsden State.  After being admitted to certain programs, it may be necessary to have a specialized student ID made.  Your instructors and/or program directors will let you know if this is the case for your program. 

You can have your student ID made at one of the following campus locations: 

  • Ayers Campus: Pierce C. Cain Learning Resource Center - First Floor
  • Cherokee Campus: Library
  • Valley Street Campus: Library - Learning Resource Center Building
  • East Broad Campus: One Stop Center

Your student ID should be in your possession at all times while on campus or participating in or attending College events.  You should be prepared to present your student ID upon the request of a Campus Security Officer or College official.  

As a library card, your student ID enables you to check out any of the circulating, physical materials (e.g., books, videos, etc.) from any of Gadsden State's library locations (Please note: you will use your MyGadsdenState portal login credentials to access any of the library's online/electronic materials). 

In the event that your student ID is lost or stolen, you should make arrangements to have a new student ID made at one of the campus locations listed above. Before having your new ID made, you should go to the Business Office at your campus location and pay a $5.00 student ID replacement fee.  You will then visit one of our student ID locations and present your receipt to the employee making your new student ID.  You need to inform the employee that your student ID was lost or stolen and that this will be a "replacement" student ID. 

If you have questions about student IDs, please email and use "Student ID Questions" as the subject line.