Learning Resource Centers (LRCs) & Library Services

The Learning Resource Centers (LRCs), also called libraries, facilitate student learning by providing a variety of resources and services to support the educational, informational, instructional, recreational, and lifelong learning needs of students, faculty, staff, and community.  Under the leadership of the Director of Distance Education, Faculty Development, and Learning Resources, the LRCs support the college's mission, vision, and core themes by promoting a learning-centered community that supports information literacy, the pursuit of learning, and teaching excellence by providing a wide range of library/research materials, services, equipment, and facilities.  An LRC can be found at all of Gadsden State’s campuses.  Please be aware that LRC hours may vary by campus. To find out about each campus's LRC location and hours, visit the library’s website at https://www.gadsdenstate.edu/students/library-services.cms

The Learning Resource Centers’ collections consist of print and electronic books, current periodicals, United States Government documents, audio-visual materials, DVDs, a variety of other educational materials, and access to premier full-text electronic research databases either through license agreements or the Alabama Virtual Library. These resources and our complete catalog are available online which can be accessed at https://www.gadsdenstate.edu/students/library-services.cms. Gadsden State’s Library is a member of the Library Management Network (LMN), a consortium made up of other libraries of institutions within the Alabama Community College System. 

All of the campus LRCs provide computers for access to the internet, student work and/or instruction, and access to the library’s integrated library system (ILS) or catalog. All resources are accessible from the library’s website, regardless of campus location. Professional librarians are available at all locations and virtually to assist students in using the library and accessing services. Instruction in using the library’s resources is provided to classes or individuals in person or virtually upon request by the instructor or student. A library instruction session can be requested at https://gadsdenstate.libguides.com/meadows/libraryinstruction.  

The LRC facilities and privileges are extended to all students, faculty, and staff of the College. Persons in the community may use the facilities and services.  To borrow materials from campus libraries, the patron must have a valid GSCC student or GSCC faculty/staff identification card. Members of the community must have a valid Driver’s License or Military identification card to be issued a community user card.

For a full list of the library's electronic holdings, including databases and journals, CLICK HERE.