Orientation Services

Gadsden State provides three specific opportunities to help entering students better understand the college processes and to become familiar with resources and services available throughout their college experience.

Preview Day

Preview Day sessions are designed to give prospective students, of any age, an overview of the college’s facilities, programs, and procedures. Preview Day sessions are available on all campuses during the Spring semester. 

Cardinal Commit

Cardinal Commit sessions are for new incoming students and are scheduled during the summer semester. This session should be attended prior to the first semester at Gadsden State. During Cardinal Commit, new students learn important information which includes the student computer system, student activities, financial aid, and general knowledge about the campus. Cardinal Commit provides new students with the resources and information needed to connect with their advisor for assistance with Fall registration.  

ORI 101: Orientation to College 

ORI 101 is a one-credit hour course that provides first-semester Gadsden State students with the campus resources and academic skills necessary to achieve educational objectives. The course emphasizes personal responsibility through the exploration of Gadsden State regulations, campus facilities, and student services. ORI 101 is also designed to help students develop effective study skills, library skills, critical thinking, and career goals. Upon completion of this course, students should be prepared to manage learning experiences successfully in-order to meet educational and career goals.

Students should register for ORI 101 in their first semester. This course is a requirement for graduation for all degree – or certification-seeking Gadsden State students. ORI 101 is offered during the fall, spring, and summer semesters.  Any student who is enrolled in five (5) or more semester credit hours, must successfully complete the orientation requirement during the first term of enrollment at the College. A student who enrolls in four (4) or fewer hours per term must complete the orientation requirement during the term when he/she is enrolled in credit hours that reach a cumulative total of sixteen (16) semester credit hours taken a Gadsden State.

The following persons are exempt from the ORI 101 graduation requirement:

1.     Any student not seeking a degree or a certificate but taking courses for personal or employment reasons only, up to a cumulative total of sixteen (16) credit hours (At the point that a student has enrolled for a cumulative total of sixteen (16) credit hours or more at Gadsden State, he/she must successfully complete the orientation requirement.);

2.     Any student who has an associate degree or higher;

3.     Any student who has successfully completed and earned credit for a course equivalent to ORI 101: Orientation to College;

4.     Any student who has transferred to Gadsden State with over 30 earned credit hours; and

5.     Any transient student.