Other Fees

GSCC also charges the following fees, all of which are subject to change without notice:

1. Placement Test Retesting Fee – No fee is charged the first time a student takes the ACCUPLACER Placement Test. Students may retest once per academic year for a fee of $10.00. For further information, students should contact one of the following test centers: Gadsden, telephone 256.549.8497; Ayers, telephone 256.832.1241.

2. Student Accident Insurance – Students registering for the following courses or programs will be required to purchase student accident insurance through Gadsden State: Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Auto Collision Repair, Automotive Manufacturing Technology, Automotive Service Technology, Child Development/Child Care Assistant, Civil Engineering Technology, Computer Science Technology, Computer Science Technology/Microcomputer Repair Technician, Construction Technology, Cosmetology, Court Reporting, Diesel Mechanics, Electrical Technology, Electronics Engineering Technology, Esthetics Technology, Industrial Automation Technology, Precision Machining, Mechanical Design Technology, Nail Technology, Performing Arts and Welding Technology. Courses or programs requiring student accident insurance are subject to change without notice.

Student accident insurance costs $10.00 per semester – due at the time of registration – and is not subject to refund.  Students majoring in other program areas may purchase student accident insurance if desired.  With no deductible, this insurance provides a medical benefit of up to $10,000 and an accidental death benefit of $7,500 and covers all activities and travel related to activities sponsored and supervised by the College.  Please consult the policy for coverage and restrictions.  For further information, contact 256.549.8242.

Students participating in an athletic or band event as a representative of Gadsden State or riding on a bus as a representative of Gadsden State to or from a College-sponsored event are encouraged to obtain accident insurance or other insurance that provides coverage in case of an injury related to a College-sponsored event. In any case, students and/or their parents/guardians shall assume all responsibility and shall not hold the College liable for any injury resulting from an accident related to a College-sponsored event.

3. Room and Board – Students residing in the Gadsden State residence hall will be charged a room and board fee. The room and board fee pays for a double-occupancy suite, as well as for fifteen (15) meals per week in the Wallace Drive Campus cafeteria while classes are in session. The room and board fees based on double occupancy are as follows:



Fall Semester (Full)


Fall Mini I or Mini II


Spring Semester (Full)


Spring Mini I or Mini II


Summer Semester (10 weeks)


Summer Mini I or Mini II

$   563.00

Rates subject to change

*There is also an additional reservation/damage/key deposit of $200.00 that the student must pay to be placed on a waiting list for a room. (The “Refunds” section that follows contains more information about the dormitory deposit refund.). Rates for special course periods will be furnished. For further information, students should contact the Residence Hall Office at 256.549.8369.  

4. Diploma Fee –All graduates who wish to receive a printed diploma must pay the $10 diploma fee. Students who need further information about diploma fees should visit the Admissions and Records Office in the One Stop Center, or telephone 256.549.8210 or email graduate@gadsdenstate.edu.

5. Transcript Fee – Each student can request one official transcript at no charge. Each additional transcript request will be charged a $5 fee. Transcript requests must be submitted electronically through the OneACCS system or directly through the Request Transcripts link available on the college website.  

6. Administrative Fee – If a student officially withdraws from all classes and if that withdrawal is dated the official first day of class through the end of the first three weeks of class, the amount assessed may be as much as 5% of tuition and other institutional charges, but the amount may not exceed $100.00. 

7. Returned Check Fee – If a check has been returned because of insufficient funds or other cause, (1) the student will be charged $25.00 for each such returned check, and (2) the College will stop accepting checks for payments on that account. If within ten (10) days the student fails to make the check good with cash, credit card, a money order, or a cashier's check and/or if the student fails to pay the returned check fee, the student may be withdrawn from the College. Tuition fees will remain due on the student’s account subject to the refund policy as indicated below. If they remain unpaid, the College will file a claim in small claims court. This fee is not subject to refund. For additional information, students should contact the Business Office on the East Broad Campus, One Stop Center, or telephone 256.549.8214.

8. Service Fee – Any student whose returned check case is taken to small claims court will be assessed a service fee (currently $37.00) by the small claims court. For further information, students are asked to contact the Business Office on the East Broad Campus, One Stop Center, or telephone 256.549.8214.

A student who owes the College any fee, such as one or more of those described above, or  parking or moving vehicle violation fine, a book fine, etc., will be prohibited from enrolling at Gadsden State. Additionally, transcripts of the student’s Gadsden State academic records will not be released until such fees and/or fines have been paid.