President's Cabinet

Dr. Kathy Murphy
B.S., Troy University
M.E., Ed.D., M.E., and Ed.S., Auburn University 

Dr. Joey S. Battles
Dean of Health Sciences 
B.S. and M.A. Ed., University of Alabama at Birmingham
Ed.D., Clarkson College

Mr. Andy Green
Dean of Student Services
B.S. and M.P.A., Jacksonville State University 

Dr. Farrah R. Hayes 
Dean of Academic Programs and Services
B.A., M.S.Ed. and Ed.S., Jacksonville State University
Ed.D., Sam Houston State University

Ms. Pamela H Johnson
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, Grants, and Special Projects
B.S., University of Alabama
M.B.A., Jacksonville State University

Dr. Tera D. Simmons
Executive Vice President
A.A., Lurleen B. Wallace Community College
B.S. & M.Ed., Auburn University Montgomery
Ed.D., Regent University 

Mr. Alan Smith
Dean of Workforce Development 
B.S., Auburn University
M.S., University of Alabama