Quick Guide to Admission and Registration

  1. Complete and submit an Application for Admission online. (Go to www.gadsdenstate.edu and click "Apply." Make sure that all admission documents are provided to the Admissions Office)
  2. Contact the high school(s) and/or previous college(s) attended to request that official transcripts are submitted directly to the Gadsden State Admissions Office. Registration may be restricted until transcripts are received or the student is “conditionally” admitted.
  3. Advisor contact information is listed with each program of study in the Degree and Certificate Requirements chapter of this catalog.
  4. If applicable, take the placement test. Students are required to be assessed if prior exemptions are not met; speak with your advisor for further details.
  5. Register for classes. Online registration: Login to OneACCS. Registration assistance is available during regular business hours. 
  6. Complete payment of tuition and fees. A student’s registration is not confirmed until tuition and fees are paid or assumed by financial assistance. Students are encouraged to pay fees the same day they register to avoid deletion of their schedules.  Pay online through OneACCS or on-campus at the Business Office. 
  7. Obtain a student identification (ID) card, which is also used as a library card. NOTICE: The ID is to be in the student’s possession at all times while the individual is on campus or participating in or attending College events.
  8. Complete motor vehicle registration if planning to have or use a motor vehicle on a Gadsden State campus or instructional site.
  9. International students may apply for admission online (www.gadsdenstate.edu and click Apply). Make sure to submit admissions documents to the Gadsden State International Programs Office