Registered Sex Offender Notification Policy

Persons required by law to register as sex offenders (registered sex offenders) will be required to notify Campus Security of his/her intent to enroll and will be required to meet with Campus Security to review the notification procedure and conditions of enrollment. If a registered sex offender registers for classes and becomes a student before the college receives such notification, the student will be immediately informed that he/she is being dropped from classes and will receive a refund of any fees that have been paid.

Gadsden State Community College reserves the right to deny or revoke the admission of registered sex offenders in accordance with College policy.  The College reserves the right to evaluate the circumstances of each case and to refuse admission if it is determined that the applicant is a threat to the safety or security of the College community.

When the College is notified by a corrections or law enforcement agency that a registered sex offender has enrolled or intends to enroll, or a registered sex offender self-reports to a College official, the Safety and Security Committee will determine whether such individual will be allowed to attend classes.

See Appendix J for the complete policy.