Safety and Security

The Office of Safety and Security is responsible for security and emergency response on all GSCC campuses. Safety and Security (which includes security, mail, transportation, Alabama Department of Emergency Management reporting and severe weather monitoring) is an important component of the educational environment at GSCC. The Safety and Security Office phone number is 256.549.8425, and the 24-hour phone number is 256.312.2132.

Security Offices



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Student Center



Cherokee Academic Building



McClellan Center


Valley Street

Carpentry Building


Wallace Drive

Fowler Hall


Officers patrol the campuses and provide safety and security services through the deployment of vehicle and foot patrols. To achieve the highest degree of safety and security at all campuses, centers, and sites, the Office of Safety and Security encourages community members to recognize the importance of following good safety practices. Community members should also understand that safety is their responsibility, not just that of those officially and formally charged with enforcing the laws, policies, and rules. This community responsibility includes using the escort service available by calling the duty (security) number posted on each campus, locking valuables, and reporting suspicious/criminal activities. The Office of Safety and Security takes a leadership role by providing educational programs on campus safety, preventative patrols, incident investigation and reporting, fire safety and prevention, and crime prevention. In addition, the Office of Safety and Security is responsible for monitoring, maintaining, and/or enforcing GSCC alarm systems, parking services, property/evidence collection, officer training, and crime reporting.

Safety and Security officers receive training in security and emergency care.

The primary objective of the Office of Safety and Security is to provide a safe college environment wherein its community members can work and study and personally and professionally develop, both intellectually and socially. GSCC has the Safety and Security Committee, whose mission is to ensure that appropriate health and safety standards are maintained and that the appropriate Federal and State statutes are observed. See Appendix C for the complete policy.