Students may be able to obtain scholarship assistance in addition to financial aid programs. Scholarships are awarded based on past academic/technical achievement, participation in extracurricular and leadership activities, and exhibited talents.

To be eligible for institutional waivers, students must be U.S. citizens or resident aliens. For more information regarding scholarships to GSCC, students should call 256.549.8203 or consult the Scholarship Listing for information pertaining to individual requirements and/or restrictions of scholarships offered. Scholarship offers are awarded on a competitive basis and are contingent upon applicant meeting admissions requirements and are based on available funding.

For information regarding transfer scholarships, visit or call the Advisement Resource Center at 256.549.8271.

Guidelines for Institutional and Athletic Scholarships

Full scholarships will cover tuition and fees, 12 credit hours or more, for fall and spring terms. Typically, the maximum number of credit hours that shall be provided by an institutional or athletic scholarship to any student shall be limited to the required number of credit hours in the student’s originally declared major.