Sexual Misconduct Policy

This policy prohibits all forms of sexual or gender-based harassment, discrimination or misconduct, including sexual violence, sexual assault, and stalking and intimate partner violence. Misconduct of this nature is contrary to Gadsden State’s institutional values and prohibited by local, state and federal laws, College policies, and the policies of the Alabama Community College System. Any individual who is found to have violated this policy may face disciplinary sanctions up to and including expulsion or termination of employment.

All College community members are strongly encouraged to report information regarding any incident of sexual harassment, sexual violence, stalking or intimate partner violence directly to the Safety and Security and the Title IX Coordinator. The College cannot take appropriate action unless an incident is reported to a “responsible employee” of the College. Upon receipt of a report, the College will take prompt and effective action by providing interim remedies and support for individuals who make a report or seek assistance under this; conducting a review of the conduct under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972; addressing the safety of individuals and the campus community; and as warranted, pursuing resolution through informal measures or formal disciplinary action against the accused.

Retaliation against any person who makes a complaint or participates in the complaint process is a violation of College policy and should be reported to the Title IX Coordinator.  A finding of retaliation may result in disciplinary action independent of any sanctions imposed as a result of the underlying allegations of discrimination and/or harassment.

See Appendix E for the complete policy.