Skills Training Division

The Skills Training Division provides short-term non-credit, competency-based training programs coordinated through Gadsden State’s Skills Training Center located on the East Broad Campus.  All training programs within this Division are measured by contact hours rather than semester hours. Students may register for classes at any time throughout the year and may continue until the appropriate skills have been attained. For more information, call 256.549.8640 or 256.549.8638.

Students who complete training programs within this division will be awarded an institutional certificate of completion documenting the area of training.

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

This program prepares individuals to apply technical skills and knowledge to repair, install, service, and maintain the operation of heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems.

  • Refrigeration Transition & Recovery
  • Air Conditioning Systems
  • Heating Systems
  • Heat Pumps

Auto Body

This program prepares individuals to apply technical skills and knowledge to repair and refinish automobiles.

  • Surface Preparation                                          
  • Paint Mixing, Matching and Applying
  • Refinishing

Certified Nursing Assistant

This program prepares students in the theoretical and clinical practice of nursing assistance. The focus of this program is to graduate nursing assistants who possess technical skills to provide competent care as well as compassion, and the communication and critical thinking skills needed to function effectively in the health care setting.   Successful completers are eligible to take the certification exam for nursing assistants.

Electrician Assistant

This program prepares students to apply knowledge and skills to assist electricians with wiring methods, materials and associated NEC requirements within residential and commercial wiring practices.

  • Wiring Components
  • Wiring Methods
  • Cable Connections
  • Metering
  • Conduits
  • Bending Techniques

Machine Trades

This program prepares students to apply knowledge and skills to plan, manufacture, assemble, test, and repair parts, mechanisms, machines, and structures in which materials are cast, formed, shaped, molded, heat treated, cut, twisted, pressed, fused, stamped, or worked.

  • Lathes
  • Advanced Lathes
  • Milling Machines
  • Advanced Milling Machines
  • Grinding Machines
  • Computer Numerical Control

Office Careers

This program prepares individuals to perform the duties of administrative assistants or secretaries. Included in the instruction are data processing, data entry, office machines, filing, accounting, record management, word processing, spreadsheet, database, and desktop publishing.

  • Receptionist
  • General Office Assistant
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Accounting Technician
  • Medical Office Assistant
  • Legal Office Assistant
  • Computer Support Specialist

Ready to Work (RTW)

Alabama’s Ready-to-Work program provides a career pathway for adults with limited employment experience.  Ready-to-Work’s workplace environment provides trainees the entry-level skills required for employment with most businesses and industries in Alabama.  Successful completers earn an “Alabama Certified Worker” (ACW) Certificate and a “Career Readiness Credential” (CRC).  

  • Communication Skills and Customer Service
  • Basic Education
  • Computer Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Workplace Behavior
  • Manufacturing
  • Job Acquisition

Truck Driving

This program prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to drive trucks and buses, delivery vehicles, and other commercial vehicles. Successful completers earn a Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).


This program prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skill to unite or separate parts by heating, using a variety of techniques and equipment, such as brazing, arc, gas, and laser operations.

  • Shielded Metal Arc Structural and Pipe Welding
  • Gas Metal Arc Fillet Welding
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
  • Blueprint Reading for Fabrication

Skills Training students are not eligible for federal student aid.