Student Communication Policy

It shall be the policy of GSCC that all forms of student communication that are shared with persons outside the College shall adhere to community standards of decency.  These forms of student communication may include but are not limited to, spoken and written communication in any medium, musical and dance performances, and art displays.  It shall be the responsibility of the instructor, club sponsor, or program director to review all communications prior to display or presentation to ensure that the sensibilities of all people in our service area are considered. 

Further, College personnel who instruct or supervise students who display works or engage in performances within the College are directed to exercise similar caution.  Student work products in the classroom should not be obscene or offensive to other students, College employees, or visitors to campus.

This policy is not intended to stifle creativity in the classroom or freedom of speech.  However, it is important that we consider the community standards and comfort level of all students within the College Community.