Tuition and Fees

After completing the registration process, a student must pay tuition fees either by Internet registration systems or in the Gadsden State Business Office at one of the following locations: East Broad Campus, Ayers Campus or Gadsden State Cherokee. Registration is not considered confirmed until all tuition/fees are paid in full. Gadsden State accepts the following types of payment: cash, checks drawn on domestic banks in U.S. dollars only, money orders, travelers’ checks, and Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards.  Gadsden State Cherokee does not accept cash payments. The Internet registration system is available to accept payments by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards and can also provide the student with a current account balance. Checks must have the student’s identification (I.D.) number, or Gadsden State personnel will write the student’s I.D. number on the check. A student who prefers not to have his/her I.D. number on the check may pay tuition fees by cashier's check, money order, or cash, except for "mail-in" or "drop-in" payments. Students in default of any indebtedness to the College will not be allowed to register, graduate, receive transcripts, or transfer Gadsden State credits.

Financial assistance to attend GSCC is available to qualified United States citizens and eligible non-citizens. For information about such help, students should see the "Financial Assistance" section of this catalog.

The following tuition fees are required each semester or summer term and are subject to change without notice. In-state tuition fees are $166.00 per credit hour and consist of $125.00 per credit hour for tuition, $10.00 per credit hour ACCS enhancement fee, $9.00 per credit hour facility renewal fee, $9.00 per credit hour technology fee, $12.00 per credit hour special building fee, and a $1.00 per credit hour ACCS reserve fee. In addition to paying the appropriate tuition and fees, a student may also be required to purchase certain necessary tools and supplies for some courses or programs. (International college student expenses and Alabama Language Institute student expenses:

Credit Hours In-State Out-of-State Credit Hours In-State Out-of-State
1 $166 $291 12 $1992 $3492
2 $332 $582 13 $2158 $3783
3 $498 $873 14 $2324 $4074
4 $664 $1164 15 $2490 $4365
5 $830 $1455 16 $2656 $4656
6 $996 $1746 17 $2822 $4947
7 $1162 $2037 18 $2988 $5238
8 $1328 $2328 19 $3154 $5529
9 $1494 $2619 20 $3320 $5820
10 $1660 $2910 21 $3486 $6111
11 $1826 $3201 22 $3652 $6402