Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawal from a Class

Students may withdraw a class from the end of the add/drop period until the withdrawal deadline, which is published in the College calendar. Withdrawn grades (“W”) will be assigned for classes in which students officially withdraw during that time.  Should students fail to complete the course withdrawal process, a failing grade (“F”) will be assigned. 

Students may withdraw from a class through their OneACCS student account,  by visiting the Admissions and Records Office on any campus to complete the withdrawal form, or by emailing a request to records@gadsdenstate.edu, from their student email account.  

Students receiving financial aid who withdraw from class or stop attending class could have their financial aid decreased. Students who never attend class are not eligible for federal financial aid.  Please note the following:

  • Financial aid awards will be based on enrollment and class attendance, as reported by instructors. 
  • The amount of financial aid for which students are eligible is determined based upon enrollment and attendance as of the 10th day after regular term registration ends.
  • If students add classes after the 10th day after regular term registration ends, the financial aid award amounts are not guaranteed to increase.
  • If students withdraw prior to the 10th day, or add one or more classes after the 10th day after regular term registration ends, those classes may not be included when determining the amount of financial aid for which students are eligible. 
  • If students withdraw prior to the 10th day after regular term registration ends, financial aid may be decreased.

If financial aid awards are decreased, students may have to repay the College and/or the Department of Education all or part of their financial awards. Nonpayment of balances will prevent students from enrolling at Gadsden State or any other institution.  In addition, students may be referred to a collection agency.  For more information on the impact of withdrawals with respect to financial aid eligibility, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

NOTE: Athletes and Health Sciences students must notify their department prior to withdrawing from any class. Health Science students participating in clinical courses may receive a grade prior to the withdrawal date and become ineligible for withdrawal. 

Withdrawal from the College

The student may withdraw completely from GSCC at any time through the last day to withdraw, specified in the College calendar.  Students may withdraw from a all classes through their OneACCS student account after the add/drop period.   Students wishing to withdraw from classes during the add/drop period should email the Records Office at records@gadsdenstate.edu, from their student email account.

Nursing students, EMS students, and athletes must notify the department prior to withdrawal.  Once the complete withdrawal has been processed, the student will not be allowed to register again during the term of withdrawal. Should a student abandon any classes without officially withdrawing from the classes or from the College, the grade of "F" will be assigned.

A Return of Title IV calculation will be required for students receiving or eligible to receive financial aid.  Refer to the section "Treatment of Financial Aid for Complete Withdrawal" for more information.

Administrative Withdrawal or Drop from a Course or the College

The College may drop or withdraw students from any course for the following reasons:

  1. Failure to fulfill conditions of registration if allowed to register on a conditional basis
  2. Failure to pay applicable fees
  3. Disciplinary action
  4. Misrepresentation of the required information
  5. Failure to attend class    

Schedule Change

After registering for classes, students may make changes in their schedule by adding and/or dropping classes either online through OneACCS or in person at the Office of Admission and Records during the published add/drop period.