Work Orders Policies and Procedures

Gadsden State students or employees may request work to be performed by some vocational/technical programs. The item to be repaired must be personal property and must not be intended for resale. Similarly, the job to be performed must be to and/or on the student's or employee's personal property.

To request that such work be performed, obtain a Work Order Request form from the Business Office located on the East Broad Campus or the Ayers Campus.  Submit the completed form to the program instructor. Because work is performed as part of the vocational/technical training program, the program instructor has the right to accept or refuse work. If a job is estimated to cost more than $2500, the Dean of Workforce Development will confer with the President before accepting the job. Work that is accepted is performed on the following priority basis:

  1.  Students enrolled in courses of the program that is to perform the work;
  2.  The College;
  3.  Gadsden State employees;
  4.  Active/retired public employees/officials;
  5.  Other Gadsden State students; and,
  6.  Tax-supported or charitable organizations.

If after 90 days the Work Order Request has not been accepted, it will be void.

If the requested work is to be performed, the student/employee must make payments to the College to ensure that amounts due will not exceed $200.00 at any time. If charges are less than $5.00, a minimum fee of $5.00 (plus tax) will be due, and payment must be made before the owner can receive the property. If the student/employee fails to honor the obligation for payment of amounts due, including penalties and fines, the College will use every legal means to collect the amounts due. In addition, the student/employee will be responsible for collection costs and attorney's fees.

The College is not held responsible for work performed. College students and employees may operate—at the risk of the person requesting the service—the person's vehicle if it is being worked on for the purpose of inspecting repairs. The College is not responsible for any stolen items. Any completed live-work project that is not paid for and picked up within 90 days after the College’s initial notification of completion, the property will be deemed abandoned and considered the property of the College.