Health Education


HED 224: Personal and Community Health

Hours 3
This course covers health problems for the individual and for the community. Areas of study include mental health, family life, physical health, chronic and degenerative diseases, control of communicable diseases, and the understanding of depressants and stimulants. Healthful living habits will be emphasized.

HED 226: Wellness

Hours 1 3

This course provides health-related education to those individuals seeking advancement in the area of personal wellness.  The course has 5 major components:  (1) fitness and health assessment, (2) physical work capacity, (3) education, (4) reassessment and (5) retesting.

HED 231: First Aid

Hours 3
This course provides instruction for the immediate, temporary care that should be given to the victims of accidents and sudden illness. It also includes standard and advanced requirements of the American Red Cross and/or the American Heart Association. CPR training also is included.