Short-Term Certificate

Welding Technology Short-Term Certificate

Advisors – Ayers Campus: Gary Udaka, Welding Technology Building (256.835.5426); S. Bart Smith, Welding Technology Building (256.835.5480) 
East Broad Campus: Frank Miller, Welding Technology Building (256.549.8653); Darren McCrary, Welding Technology Building (256.549.8657)

NOTICE(s):  For the short-term certificate in Welding Technology, the student must complete 28 credit hours from the 43 credit hours listed below. All courses must be approved by the advisor. Admission Requirement: The student must be age 17 or older.

The courses in this program of study may not be offered every semester.  It is important to consult with your advisor to determine course schedules to stay on track to graduate.

Federal Pell Grant is awarded based on the federal conversion formula for this non-degree certificate program. 

Total Credits